Health and Safety

We realise that we can only achieve our vision to be Europe’s leading packaging strategists with engaged and well supported employees.

We recognise that our people and contractors work in environments which present real hazards. We strive to control those hazards through a risk-based approach using a hierarchy of control measures and we continuously aim to improve. Our employees are key in ensuring we operate safely and we address any concerns raised openly and promptly. Our long-term target is “zero accidents” and we set our key performance indicators to ensure that we continue towards that goal. Our safety performance has improved consistently, in terms of both accident frequency rates and severity, though we recognise that an injury to any of our people is unacceptable and hence safety remains a key focus for the Group.

Our businesses report their safety performance on a monthly basis and all accidents are fully investigated with the investigation findings circulated throughout the Group. Our Divisions monitor progress not only on reactive KPIs but also through their audit programmes and other proactive KPIs such as observational safety, near miss reporting etc.