Community Affairs

Although we directly impact the lives of approximately 32,000 employees, the scale of our business and our joined-up approach means we are able to tackle big challenges faced by the wider communities in which we operate and in which our employees live. As a caring and responsible business, we partner with our local communities.

Fuelled by entrepreneurial spirit, our people are constantly seeking solutions. We know our people value being able to use their skills to give something back and support the future of their local environment.

In previous years, community engagement in the form of fundraising, volunteering, charity support and other activities has been primarily site-led and employee-led. This approach has been largely successful: however, as we continue to grow as a business we understand the importance of being more strategic in this area.

DS Smith is therefore in the process of developing an ambitious, unified and radically boosted community engagement strategy with a target to increase the number of sites involved to 100 per cent by 2020. This strategy will include new charity partners and a common framework to enable sites to join together and work towards common projects and initiatives.