Our Communities

We play an active role in hundreds of communities across the world, and have a significant opportunity to make a positive, local difference through the many sites where we operate.


Our Community Programme is a key part of our Now & Next Sustainability Strategy, and our annual target is for 100%* of our sites to engage and collaborate with their communities each year. We have achieved this every year since 2019.

As a caring and responsible business, we partner with our communities to provide education on sustainability and the circular economy, support for our natural habitats and biodiversity, and expertise through design to inspire the next generation.

We are proud of the contributions and differences we can make through donating employee time, products or financial support to meet and support local needs and causes. We also provide support through the DS Smith Charitable Foundation (established in 2011) which funds a variety of educational and environmental charitable projects and causes.

The Foundation has funded projects such as butterfly conservation efforts across the UK, climate resilience of De Hoge Veluwe National Park, and the 'Pischelsdorfer Wiesn' conservation area, home of the threatened Eurasian curlew near our Margarethen am Moos site in Austria.

*sites with 50 or more full time employees