Design team

The design process for each project involves three key teams: the Consultation, Mechanical Design and Automation Design teams.

Our Consultation team conducts a study for each end-of-line packaging machinery project. Their objectives are to:

  • Bring together the technical data on the portfolio required to produce the proposal.
  • Assess the feasibility of the customer request.
  • Accompany the sales team on a customer visit.
  • Produce a budget in line with the customer specifications.
  • Consult and bring in partners on specific projects.
  • Draw up a customer proposal that uses as few machines as possible and meets all of the case format requirements.

The Mechanical Design team is responsible for five areas:

  • Designing, operating and maintaining ‘list’ machinery platforms and manufacturing machinery based on these platforms, factoring in the various options and variants ordered by the customer. In a constantly evolving market, it is also responsible for adjusting the machinery in service to ensure this continues to meet changing customer needs.
  • Designing bespoke machinery to meet precise requirements.
  • Designing the various tools for this machinery, adapted to each case format.
  • Producing technical documentation (such as manuals and training materials).
  • Administering the Systems Division IT system. 

The expertise of the Automation Design team centres on:

  • Producing electrical diagrams in SEE Electrical and ordering electrical components for cabinets and machinery.
  • Implementing robotics and automation programs on various system platforms based on customer specifications.
  • Designing the touchscreen displays to make them ergonomic and intuitive for machine operators.