Circular Economy Lesson Plan

Let’s Go Circular! Our Circular Economy Lesson Plan helps engage young people on the meaning and importance of circularity.

Launched at COP26, our lesson plan is part of our ambition to help lead the transition to the circular economy and to engage 10 million people on the circular economy by 2030.

What is the Circular Economy lesson plan?

Developed for ages 11 to 14, the lesson plan is a free resource. It provides a useful set of assets to help teachers and anyone working with young people of that age group to introduce them to the circular economy and how we can all play a part in protecting the planet’s natural resources.

The lesson includes a variety of everyday examples, entertaining activities and engaging videos to explain the difference between the linear and circular economies, and helps young people understand the importance of recycling as part of protecting our finite, natural resources.

Lesson Plan Snapshot

This PDF provides a short snapshot into what's included in our Let's Go Circular! Lesson Plan. You can request a complete and fully editable lesson plan pack via the form below.


PDF 2.7 MB

What does the lesson pack include?

  • A lesson plan to prepare the teacher
  • A PowerPoint presentation to show the class
  • A pack of speaker notes to assist in delivering the lesson
  • Activities to engage the students

How you can request the lesson pack? 

Whether you’re a teacher, scout leader, parent, employee or community leader, let’s work together to help the next generation ‘Go Circular’.

You can request access to the fun and engaging Let’s Go Circular! pack by filling out the request form below. It's currently available in 12 languages (Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish).

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