Supply Chain analysis

In today's complex, connected world, your Supply Chain can give you a competitive advantage and help you stand out. We have the global experience and expertise to help you succeed.

Rapid solutions for a fast-changing world

We understand the challenges your business is facing, including lower consumer spending, a changing retail landscape, digital transformation and increased pressure on financial returns. To succeed you need to rethink your traditional models and find new partners and capabilities that can unlock opportunities across the total value chain.

Our streamlined, innovative approach gets to the heart of the situation quickly and uses Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) methodology to deliver real benefits in end-to-end value chain optimisation.

We think like your customers

To better understand your Supply Chain and make improvements that will make a real difference, we adopt a customer-centric mindset and focus our attention on:

  • Mapping your Supply Chain To generate visibility and see how products and information flow through the ‘current state’ from End-to-End.
  • Making a diagnosis We utilise data, diagnostics and key value drivers to gain insights into existing behaviours and processes.
  • Increasing performance We implement scalable and profitable supply chain solutions, by driving cost reduction, efficiency and innovation.

Optimise your packaging design at our PackRight Centres

At our PackRight Centres we work alongside you to bring packaging ideas to life - from the drawing board to the factory floor. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, lower costs or manage risk, we’ll design, test and produce circular packaging solutions that are fit for your supply chain and match your strategic goals.  

At our PackRight Centres you can:

  • Join our dynamic, interactive workshops to maximise the benefits of your packaging 
  • Work with a dedicated team of experts, especially brought together for your needs 
  • Define and agree specific optimisation areas and success criteria  
  • Develop the right packaging solutions in line with your priorities.