Boost awareness and sales all-year-round with our seasonal POS displays

By building seasonality into your POS solutions we can help you attract customers and increase sales during seasonal retail events and at other busy times throughout the year.

Stand out during the holidays, stand out all year

Stores are at their busiest during the holidays and other special events throughout the year when your customers will be out and about looking for season-specific items. In an increasingly competitive market, with instore experiences becoming more and more important, it’s vital that you capture and maintain the interest of your customers during these busy times with eye-catching displays.

5 Reasons to invest in seasonality

  1. Seasonal messaging is eye-catching because it’s topical and relevant.
  2. Seasonal twists can keep your messaging current.
  3. Seasonal displays can be a powerful tool to drive sales conversion from your existing audience as well as new target audiences.
  4. Seasonal special offers or promotions can be the perfect incentive for your customers to purchase.
  5. A seasonal campaign or promotion can give your brand a reason to reach out.

Whatever the season, we help you plan ahead

At DS Smith, seasonality is all year-round and it’s never too early to begin getting creative and planning ahead.

Everything you need to stand out in-store

We can help you with deeper customer insights, smarter innovations and sustainable POS solutions, all deployed with speed, agility and scale. Contact us about your next campaign today.