Our POS technology improves your experience and puts you in control

Our intuitive DisplayPro system has been designed with a modular approach that allows you to adapt and manage your POS display requirements and solutions.

Specifically for today’s retail marketing needs, it’s built around 8 key modules to bring you process efficiencies, cost savings and faster speeds to market. All accessible from your desk or on the go through our online applications. 

1. Online briefing

Brief in as little as 3 minutes. Powered by an integrated POS library that can be tailored to include your brand’s product SKUs, our applications allow you to write your POS brief quickly and accurately in a little as 3 minutes. You’ll also be sent confirmation that your brief has been received and saved.

2. New project ordering 

Order new POS items in just a few clicks. DisplayPro’s intuitive system prompts and steers you through a simple questionnaire to ensure all your data is collated from the outset. With built-in workflows, and an asset management engine, it also offers more control on upload, download or edit options.

3. Artwork review

Review and proof artwork files online. DisplayPro includes an integrated artwork review platform where you can view visuals, assets, artwork, packing instructions and more. Built in workflows and activity reports ensure that the right people will be engaged at the right time for faster, easier collaboration on your projects and increased efficiencies.

4. Project status

Check the status of each project quickly and easily online, so you always know where and when to expect it delivered.

5. Reporting

Keep on top of your budgets and orders. Want to know how much you’ve spent in a specific sector, or how many units were made last month? DisplayPro’s reporting applications make it all clear with pre-set or downloadable reports on demand.

6. Consolidated or Batch ordering 

Combine and consolidate your POS orders to reduce your shipping costs and reduce your environmental impact.

7. Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Our Digital Asset Management (DAM) holds information on generic units and all the content for POS previously produced. Upload, download, edit and share all types of digital files including images, artwork, videos, documents and much more. Built-in workflows give you more visibility and control over your projects.

8. Stock management 

Check stock levels held at our multiple warehouses, place orders for items in-stock and integrate with your own warehouse systems to check stock levels you already have. You can also issue data or orders to third party co-packers, along with assembly instructions to make POS collation and packing more accurate and efficient.

As the market changes, DisplayPro changes

DisplayPro is custom designed to evolve with the POS market. We never stand still and will be launching new modules in 2022 that include integrated sustainability and CO2 data to help you manage your environmental commitments.

Everything you need to stand out in-store

We can help you with deeper customer insights, smarter innovations and sustainable POS solutions, all deployed with speed, agility and scale. Contact us about your next campaign today.