Transport & Transit packaging

The perfect packaging for any product and any journey

At DS Smith we lead the way in flexible, sustainable, transport packaging. All our corrugated cardboard solutions are optimised to achieve maximum protection during packaging, storage and distribution, using the least amount of material. Our solutions range from standard folding boxes to full-surface, printed packaging with auto-bottoms and integrated buffers.

We take your whole supply cycle into account

Packaging has evolved and your customers expect you to ship or display your products in more than just a box. From state-of-the-art applications for box and printing design to solutions that increase your logistics’ efficiencies, we are pioneers in the development of packaging that protects your products, the planet – and your brand.

Automated transport packaging

From the traditional regular slotted case to automated packaging, our designers develop solutions that make the best use of space, optimise strength and use no more material than necessary. We offer a range of small or large format, standard or tailormade solutions that can be supplied printed or unprinted. Depending on your requirements, we also offer honeycomb or wedging systems for enhanced protection of your products.