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Trakia Paper Mill

Located in central Bulgaria, in Pazardzhik town, the Trakia paper mill and packaging plant are leading Bulgaria’s manufacturers of corrugated packaging and paper for corrugated board. The paper mill benefits from its own wastewater treatment plant.


  • White Liner
  • Liner 3
  • Medium
  • Medium HP Plus


PM1- Four-ply on 4 Vacuum formers (VF)

Grammage range: 90-170 g/m2
Production: 85,000 tonnes/year
Speed max:  500 m/min
Trim max:  4.35 m


1939 Start of paper and corrugated board production in Pazardzhik
1983 Installation Paper Machine
1996 Privatisation of Trakia-Papir S.A. 
2000 Certified Quality Management System
2002 Start-up of automatic system for moisture control in paper production
2005  Acquisition by Duropack
2008 Reconstruction of paper machine
2015 Acquisition by DS Smith
2016 Certified Environmental & GMP System
2017 Certified Energy Management & FSC®
Chain of Custody System


DS Smith Bulgaria S.A.
Trakia Mill
Glavinitsa Quarter
4400 Pazardzhik

+359 (34) 401-202

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