Our Products

From corrugated case materials to speciality papers and kraft liners, we offer you one of widest choices of finished paper products available. All designed and manufactured to meet today’s sustainability challenges and provide the ideal material to satisfy your and your customers’ needs.

As consumers increasingly shop online, more and more delivery vehicles are on the roads and the amount of packaging in our homes continues to grow. Finding sustainable and dependable packaging solutions is more essential than ever for today’s manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Our sustainable corrugated case materials are supplied to the packaging industry for conversion into corrugated board and boxes. By using sustainably sourced and chain of custody certified fibres in our manufacturing process we are helping our customers to meet their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our speciality papers are used across a variety of industries including construction, printing, food manufacturing, packaging, stationery supplies and education.

All of our finished paper products are sustainably sourced and 100% recyclable. We source our raw material for papermaking through harvesting recycled papers from commercial and domestic streams, and through sourcing virgin fibres via our sustainably managed forests programme.

Paper mills across Europe