Dedicated packaging solutions for the chemicals industry

We have a wide range of products, unique capabilities and a proven track-record of providing innovative, sustainable packaging solutions for the chemicals industry.

We’re packaging experts for chemicals and dangerous goods

We offer a range of sustainable corrugated packaging solutions that are robust and safe to handle across the supply chain. Our solutions can be printed clearly with warnings and other safety information and we can also incorporate RFID into corrugated packs to make tracking and inventory management easier.


Our promise to you

More sales

Our consistent solutions help you optimise forecasting, planning and sales.

Circular Ready

We assess your supply conditions and customer needs - and design corrugated packaging solutions that focus on recycling and re-use.

Lower costs

Our solutions help achieve warehouse optimisation, easier automation, improved stock flow and simplify the management of managing multiple suppliers.

Manage Risk

We meet your needs through improved product protection, flexibility, transparency, compliance and supply chain security.


Much more than just packaging

We know product protection during transportation is your number one priority but our innovative packaging solutions do more than that. They can boost your sustainability credentials too.

Our pioneering Circular Design Metrics tool can rate and compare the circularity of your existing packaging designs across eight different indicators, giving you a clear picture of sustainability performance, and where to focus attention to improve it.

We understand and improve your supply chain

We’re experts in packaging for chemicals and dangerous goods and have knowledge of supply chains around the world. To better understand your supply chain and make improvements that will make a real difference, we focus our attention on:

  • Mapping your supply chain, generating visibility to see how products and information flow through the ‘current state’ from End-to-End
  • Making a diagnosis. We utilise data, diagnostics and key value drivers to gain insights into existing behaviours and processes.
  • We implement scalable and profitable supply chain solutions, by driving cost reduction, efficiency and innovation.

We collaborate with you

Our PackRight approach puts partnership at its heart. Our skilled and experienced designers and engineers use our four-step process and the latest technology and tools to deliver bespoke solutions. focused on SupplyC effectiveness and maximising opportunities to increase sales, lower costs and manage risk.

Case study

Packaging for high-value bulk exports

Challenge :

A French pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturer was looking for a large container to transport bulk pharmaceutical products such as liquids with various densities, oil, powder, and granules for export to the Middle East. Our corrugated one-way Liquid IBC Hybrid3 was a bag-in box solution that eliminated multiple trips and cleaning costs.

The benefits:

  • Easy to charge and to discharge – offering up to 100% discharge of product
  • High protection thanks to additional outer corrugated layer
  • Reliable (certifications ISTA & DEKRA)
  • Stackable – 2 on 1 in warehouse up to 1,100kg per container. 1 on 1 up to 1,300 kg per container in dynamic.
  • Sustainable (100% renewable)
  • Optimised shipping space and reduced CO2e
  • Printable solution
  • Zero risk of leakage thanks to our patented valve locator.