Our customer promise

We focus on your business needs to help you increase sales, lower cost, manage risk and more sustainable packaging solutions.

Our unique way of working, our highly-skilled people work closely with each customer to specify and design packaging that achieves real results – sales growth, lower cost and sustainable operations.  Typically, that means:

  • Recognising how packaging supports marketing and connects with shoppers
  • Protecting products and minimising waste
  • Optimising the use of space in packing, storage and distribution
  • Responding to change and future proofing
  • Getting to grips with recycling.

Whether we’ve worked with you on just one part of your supply chain, or to address every stage, the results come through time and time again, every time your product is packed – we call this Supply Cycle Thinking.

To help you get the most from corrugated packaging, you can access our comprehensive range of materials, design expertise and print techniques, supported by our continuous innovation programmes.  And, with know-how and packaging production in more than 30 countries, we can help wherever you operate.


We help you sell more through packaging
Increasing your sales


Packaging to help you sell more

Shoppers insist on finding the product they want straightaway, even on crowded supermarket shelves. Sometimes, they buy something new or act on impulse. Whatever the case, the right packaging makes a huge difference - will shoppers recognise a brand, find the product and buy it?

Design and colour drive recognition and results.  Our extensive investments, in software and colour control, support brand awareness and consistency, across multiple promotions and store formats.  That’s vital for our customers, together with inventive POS, for brand communication and successful launches.

But that’s not all. 

Packaging achieves much more, from making growth possible in fast developing sales channels, to handling rapid change in traditional retail formats and strengthening in-store availability.

Our customers tell us that availability is crucial.  In fact, research from the IGD has revealed that 37% of customers will buy an alternative brand if they can’t find their chosen product on the shelf.

All businesses need sales. It’s their lifeblood. We have a great track record of helping customers succeed, through sharp sales growth, successful product launches, outstanding promotions, category leadership and much more.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you sell more get in touch or read more about the customers we’re already helping.

We help you reduce costs through innovative packaging
Reducing your costs


Packaging to reduce your business costs

Every day, we help our customers eliminate unnecessary cost. That’s the power of packaging, to drive efficiency at every stage of the supply chain.

Whether it’s designing packaging for productivity on the packing line, to protect products from damage or to make best use of space, we treat our customers’ money like our own.

In fact, taking ownership of space can offer extraordinary opportunity. Every time packaging optimises pallet loads and distribution, less warehousing is needed, handling is reduced and delivery journeys are taken from the road.

The story doesn’t end there. 

For example, our agile thinking about packaging enables FMCG, B2B and industrial customers to deal with unprecedented change in supply chain demands, and to do so at the right cost.

At the same time, we address the essentials of reliable packaging and partnership in pack supply, so fundamental to successful trading relationships.    

By continuous investment in designers, engineers, specialists and the right technologies, we seek ever greater supply chain efficiency for our customers. Our Packaging Strategists call this Supply Cycle Thinking, because the results are achieved time and time again, every time your product is packed.

If you’d like to find out more about how to reduce costs through innovative packaging get in touch or read more about the customers we’re already helping.

Managing your risks
Managing your risks


Packaging to help you manage business risk

In a rapidly changing world, our customers seek to manage risk, adapt to the future and use resources wisely. The right packaging makes a big difference, in protecting your business, regulatory compliance and sustainable business practices.

In partnership with our customers, we explore changes which affect them, whether in supply chains, sales channels, retail formats or the demands of their customers.  By designing packaging to reflect those changes, we help customers protect sales and develop for the future. 

Every day, we help customers address risk, throughout the supply chain.  The right packaging prevents waste and loss of sales, contributes to healthy working practices and ensures that food contact or other regulatory requirements are met.

Sustainable practices and the best use of resources underpin every business

Packaging contributes so much – for example, whenever packaging optimises pallet loads and distribution, less warehousing is needed and delivery journeys are taken from the road. 

What’s more, corrugated packaging is recyclable and DS Smith’s recycling business is an international leader. You can be sure that our papers are responsibly sourced and that we design packaging for optimum reliability, with no more material than necessary. 

We offer practical advice, wherever you are based in Europe. If you’d like to find out more about how to manage risk through packaging, then get in touch or read more about the customers we’re already helping.

We help you get ready for the circular economy with sustainable packaging
Making you circular ready


Packaging to helps you towards the circular economy.

Sustainability has a growing influence on consumers purchasing decisions. In parallel, there is a growing expectation that companies reduce their impact on the natural world and, where possible, creating positive impact for people and the planet.

Customers set more ambitious sustainability targets, and look to integrate circular principles across their entire supply chains.   

Using our expertise, products and services we can help you address your circular economy challenges related to packaging.

By applying our Circular Design Principles in the packaging design process we will create packaging solutions that help you meeting your sustainability ambitions and get ready for the circular economy.

And now you can measure the circularity performance too.

Our Circular Design Metrics makes it possible to see the circularity performance of every packaging design, comparing impact of design decisions and driving circularity performance.

We help you with more circular packaging solutions by focusing on five areas:

  • Recyclability: Delivering 100% recyclable fibre-based packaging solutions
  • Fibre optimisation: Optimising every fibre for every supply chain
  • Plastic replacement: Design solutions to replace problem plastics
  • Reuse: Increasing reuse through new designs and innovations
  • Closed loop: Developing closed loop solutions

If you are interested to find our more about our Circular Design Principles, our Circular Design Metrics and how we can help you get ready of the circular economy with our packaging, then get in touch.

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