"Excellent stimulus which visualised challenges, exploring solutions through prototypes and samples that helped us shape our future packaging agenda"

Head of Packaging

"The Impact Centre is a virtual world that allows free thinking thought provoking creativity with a commercial focus."

Purchasing Director

"The store environment allowed us to explore retail applications in a ‘real’ store environment and enabled us to put ourselves in the shoes of our consumers and gain key insights"

Brand Director

"Great immersive in-store experience"

Creative Director

  • Purchasing Director
  • Brand Director
  • Creative Director

Why should you visit?

Visit an Impact Centre to be inspired about how packaging can help you achieve your strategic goals.

Customers attend workshops at Impact Centres to explore ideas presented in the right supply cycle context, whether in store or elsewhere.

In your tailored workshop, you can challenge and transform your thinking about packaging. 

Is it really just a cost?  Or could it become a powerful source of competitive advantage, part of how you innovate to succeed in a changing world. 

You may wish to explore opportunities to:

  • Support and enhance your marketing, and how that relates to shoppers
  • Drive sales in store through availability and range, by making your products easy to see and buy, or by attracting shoppers with vibrant launches and promotions
  • Adapt to fast moving retail changes, such as growth in convenience and discount formats, or the very different dynamic of e-retail
  • Match changing trends in consumer behaviour
  • Reduce costs in packing, warehousing and distribution, to generate margin, profit and opportunity for new contracts
  • Recognise how you can participate in the renewable system of corrugated packaging, with its leading performance in recycling
  • Manage risk in your supply chain, and plan for the future

Inspiring, motivating, highly organised, well prepared, great facilities.

— Marketing Controller