Accelerating Smart Packaging Solutions with BeFC

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells (BeFC) - a pioneer in the development of fully recyclable smart tags with a vision to replace batteries with biofuel cells. 

The partnership with BeFC forms part of our £100m Research & Development (R&D) and innovation investment announced in 2021, which aims to accelerate work in the circular economy and offer packaging with a lower environmental impact. 

Corrugated packaging together with smart tech has a huge potential to reduce waste across the supply chain, but we're not quite yet where we need to be. We need more smart solutions that tackle inefficiency, cost and, most importantly, carbon emissions.

Magnus Renman
Group R&D Director at DS Smith

"We're excited to be addressing this challenge head-on with BeFC through innovative, circular solutions designed to slash losses and improve sustainability. With BeFC's transformative technology, we're set on revolutionising how every industry tackles the scourge of supply chain waste."

Together, we will investigate smart packaging solutions made from recyclable paper, aiming to reduce waste, monitor quality, and ensure supply chain efficiency during distribution and transportation. Specifically, this will focus on: 

Product tracking 
Embedding a custom sensing platform and data protocols in digital solutions makes real-time tracking and monitoring of products possible. This enables a better consumer experience and supply chain optimisation. 

Reducing waste 
Providing accurate information about freshness and expiration dates will extend the shelf life of products and address wastage. 

Efficiency in transportation 
Enabling better load optimisation will reduce the carbon footprint and operational costs associated with shipping. 


We're proud to announce this partnership as we work together towards more cost-effective supply chain management, and it's our belief that smart packaging solutions offer limitless possibilities to industry

Dr. Jules Hammond
CEO & cofounder, BeFC

"The DS Smith x BeFC collaboration is a great example of combining shared expertise and resources to tackle inefficiencies and reduce waste and carbon emissions in supply chains whilst also understanding and validating compatibility with relevant recycling streams."