Our Circular Business Model

Our business model is focused on value-adding corrugated packaging and supported by upstream paper production and recycled paper collection.

To support the production of high quality, cost-effective corrugated packaging, we manufacture paper and have a recycling business to source fibre for this activity. We design and manufacture specialised lightweight paper grades to produce the highest performing packaging from the least amount of fibre.

DS Smith business model
Our business model overview - a circular business focused on sustainable packaging.


We work with many of the leading FMCG brand owners, major retailers and leading industrial companies. This breadth of interaction with businesses on a multinational basis, combined with our own expertise, means that we have considerable knowledge of how changing consumer and retail trends affect the role and use of packaging. We showcase our insight in our network of nine Impact Centres, designed to inspire our customers and help them understand how packaging can help them sell more, reduce their costs and manage their risk.


Innovation in packaging design can help customers sell more (such as SalesFront®), reduce costs (such as Trayzer®) or manage their risks (such as interlocking, non-tip systems). Our designers work with customers to create innovative packaging solutions to meet their requirements. Best practice is shared and designers are coordinated across all our regions.

We are also innovators in the use of light-weight corrugated board, in a programme called ‘PACE’. Our proprietary technology to test the strength of corrugated board as it is manufactured means we can use the optimum paper weight required. In addition, we are developing innovative machine solutions that build bespoke boxes correctly sized for e-commerce orders at high speeds, which can significantly reduce logistics costs and improve sustainability for our customers.


We manufacture corrugated packaging and paper to a high standard, expertly designed for its purpose. For corrugated packaging, we manufacture corrugated board and print, cut and glue the boxes, which are then shipped flat on pallets, ready for assembly and filling at our customers’ factories. Our paper mills manufacture corrugated case material (CCM) from recycled fibre including old corrugated cases (OCC) (for testliner) and from pulp (for kraftliner).


Using our network of 36 PackRight Centres, we design packaging that fulfils our customers’ requirements at all stages of their supply chain, including the manufacturing process, logistics and marketing. We work collaboratively and on a multi-disciplinary basis with our customers to come up with the optimum solution for them.