Product Safety

Providing our customers in the food packaging industry with paper grades suitable for food contact is one of our key priorities – and the way we balance customer requirements with regulatory compliance is critical to our success.

Our Commitment to Product Safety

Like all our paper solutions, our paper for food contact is manufactured to meet both our packaging customer needs and the regulatory requirements set by the European authorities.

To achieve this we source high quality fibre from our own recycling division and other third party suppliers which we then use to manufacture a large range of suitable paper grades, from kraft and recycled grades to speciality papers.

Our Product Safety Culture

We are constantly working to develop a Product Safety culture in our paper mills. We engage in regular training sessions to further develop our knowledge and understanding, so that our customers continuously benefit from our expertise in food contact materials.

We diligently follow all relevant European food contact regulatory developments so our customers can always be certain our paper complies with the latest legislation.

In addition, we are an active member of the European Paper & Board Industry associations and we lead the development and adoption of industry best practices.

Leading the way in Product Safety

Here are some of the reasons why DS Smith is a leader in Product Safety:

  • We produce paper grades for food contact across Europe
  • All tests conducted on our paper production are independently performed by industry-leading experts and accredited laboratories
  • We combine our knowledge with the expertise of our scientific partners to resolve the concerns and satisfy the needs of our customers relating to the food contact regulatory environment
  • Our mills use the latest in cleaning and screening technologies to turn Paper for Recycling (PfR) into a pulp suitable for the production of recycled food grade papers
  • We have appropriate Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Quality Management Systems in place to control our raw materials and processes according to the most recent and best industry standards.
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