Alcolea Paper Mill

Alcolea is an integrated paper mill based in Alcolea de Cinca in Huesca, Aragon, in north-eastern Spain.

The mill produces high performance fluting, testliner, and dual-use papers from recycled materials, and the on-site corrugator and converting machines mean that DS Smiths Paper and Packaging teams operate out of the same location, creating efficiencies that benefit our customers.


  • QuimiPAC
  • QuimiPAC HP
  • MultiPAC
  • LinerPAC HP1


PM single layer machine

Grammage range: 127-250 g/m2
Production: 110,000 tonnes/year
Speed max: 760 m/min
Trim max: 2.50 m


1967 First paper machine start-up – the mill was founded
1979 Investment in vacuum roll shaking 6 dryers
1986 New felt couch – 6 dryers
1990 New investments - 3rd press, a pit, and a closed hood
2000 New investments - new pulp line, pulpers, double press, pope and winder
2006 Expansion of the press – post and pre-drying section
2009 Vacuum retrofit
2015 Several investments to achieve the 110,000 tonnes per year production capacity

Contact mill

DS Smith Paper Alcolea
Alcolea Paper Mill
s/n, Ctra. Fraga
22410 Alcolea de Cinca
Tel: +34 974 46 80 11

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