Cushioning Material - SizzlePak®

Our Sizzlepak solution is a special stuffing material made of paper, folded in a zigzag shape and cut into narrow strips.

SizzlePak® is supplied ready to use and can be used straight from the container, without wasting material or you valuable time. SizzlePak® is delivered in a very compact form. It is compressed into the container during production and recovers it's original form when taken out.

Numerous advantages of Sizzlepak 

  • Virtually dustfree
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Environment-friendly
  • Provides efficient protection
  • Clean and easy to handle
  • Comes in an economical packaging

Sizzlepak Colours

SizzlePak® comes in 29 different colours. Additional colours are available on request.

Application of Sizzlepak

The application of SizzlePak® are numerous. SizzlePak® is an excellent packaging concept for business gifts, toys, porcelain, Christmas hampers, and other products to create a stylish presentation.