How we support your business

Today’s electronics industry continues to expand at an incredible pace. Your submarkets – particularly the industrial, medical, telecoms, aerospace, defence and IT segments – are calling out for electronics to enable their billions of connected smart devices, while consumer demand for smartphones, wearables, and other smart electronic devices rise.

If that wasn't challenging enough, the industry is also dealing with increasingly complex and global supply cycles. Products are no longer designed, produced, and sold in one location. Instead, open trade routes and access to digital information allows manufacturers to procure materials at the lowest possible price from anywhere and ship them to low labour cost regions for assembly.

To be successful in this challenging environment, you require specialist packaging, logistics, multi-material sourcing, and packaging and print management services tailored to your individual needs. At DS Smith, we are here to help. From design to supply, we offer a complete service: creating simplicity within those growing and otherwise complex supply cycles. We consider every aspect of your needs at every step along the supply cycle, from factory floor to end customer. By supporting your market strategy, we help you increase sales while reducing cost and managing risk. Our global footprint gives us the flexibility to support you wherever in the world you operate.

We are your packaging strategists in delivering complete solutions, tailor-made to your needs across all geographies. Find out how our multi-material packaging solutions and services can help you overcome supply cycle's complexities on a truly global scale and why they will outperform your expectations.