Testing for real life – in our laboratories

Before any packaging solution goes into production we subject it to a battery of tests to ensure the performance meets our high standards – and yours.

At the GEC we have an in-house drop test available to complement our global network of advanced testing laboratories. Testing is done in accordance with ASTM, ETSI, IEC, IEEE, ISO, ISTA and MIL for your peace of mind. Depending on where your packaging is going and what it needs to achieve we have the right test to ensure it gets the job done:

  • Climatic tests
  •  Drop tests
  •  Compression test
  •  Load /Stacking strength tests
  •  Vibration tests,
  •  ECT, BST, BCT, etc
  •  Static & Dynamic stacking test
  •  Horizontal & vertical impact test
  •  Incline impact test
  •  Anti corrosion test
  •  Cushioning test