Protecting delicate electronics sustainably

We recently helped a multinational telecommunication company reduce its carbon footprint by making the packaging for fragile electronic devices more eco-friendly.


Sustainability sits high on this large telecommunications company’s agenda; it has a firm strategic commitment to minimise the carbon footprint of its own activities. Yet, because of concerns about the fragility of the thousands electronic devices it ships around the world each year, devices were being transported in un-ecological plastic packaging. Not recyclable, a new, more eco-friendly solution, was needed.   

The new solution needed to be made from fibre-based materials while adequately protecting the delicate devices during whatever journey they faced; whether by road, rail, air or sea. It would have to pass the company’s toughest protection verification test – a test reserved for validating the packaging for its most delicate devices. Based on ASDM D419609 standards, the test includes drop, vibration and compression tests as well as tests to ensure adequate protection from moisture. 

Our approach 

We responded to the company’s request for quotation with a proposal for a solution based on one of our innovative pre-development designs. The solution comprised of two parts: an extremely strong moulded pulp fitment made entirely from recycled materials and an outer flute with a multivariate coating to provide protection from rain, spray, humidity and the sea. The tailored solution also included a built-in handle that makes for easy carrying and a slot in the fitment to house the device’s wall-mounting bracket. 

Delighted with our design, the company put our solution through its paces with extensive protection testing. It passed with flying colours. After adopting the packaging last spring, the success of the DS Smith packaging solution is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as the number of items shipped to all corners of the globe increases several times over.


The solution is not only strong and sustainable; it also helps cut the cost of transporting the packaging to the packing station. The flute can be transported flat and the fitments are stackable, so it only takes up a small percentage of the space that the previous plastic packaging required. The number of deliveries required has been cut substantially. What’s more, it is very quick and easy to assemble on its arrival. 

DS Smith is proud to support help this multinational company in its more responsible and sustainable approach to business – and deliver on its promise to reduce its carbon footprint.