Prestigious Design Award for DS Smith

Earlier this year DS Smith won the prestigious Scanstar design award.

The award is annually rewarded to packaging companies that present new, innovative and functional packaging solutions, and this year it went to Denmark for a groundbreaking wine bottle packaging that is made to cushion the bottles so well that it can be sent by regular postal services. Danish postal service, Post Danmark, has recently officially approved the packaging for transportation of glass bottles and other fragile objects.

The wine bottle packaging was developed in Stevnstrup, Denmark with Structural Manager Jan Carøe, and Account Manager, Jesper Friis as main drivers in the project.

scanstar design award ds smith denmark

The Scanstar Award is a Scandinavian packaging contest running annually since 1969. It is arranged by the Scandinavian Packaging Association and includes contestants from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

The Scanstar jury consists of packaging professionals from all over Scandinavia and the criteria they judge from are Originality, Protection/Cushioning, Cost/Price, Usability, Design, and Environmental. When announcing this year’s winner, the jury argued that,

“This packaging provides really effective protection for its product and it is easily used with different types of bottles. Furthermore it presents a solution to a problem that no other packaging has been able to (shipping bottles with regular postal services, red.), it is easy to open and it is made from recycled materials.”

The winner of the Scanstar Award automatically qualifies for the worldwide packaging contest Worldstar.