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We aim to be more than a packaging manufacturer

We are Packaging Strategists from the packs we create to the results we deliver

We help our customers to achieve:


  •  More Sales

All businesses rely on sales. They are vital to enable them to continue forward. We have a long history of projects and sales with our customers, where our packaging solutions have played a key role in the sales process.

Throughout the supply chain there are a lot of costs that directly affect the product cost and that we can reduce and minimize making their product more competitive.

  1. Cost of packing material
  2. Maximization of pieces per package
  3. Transport optimization
  4. Reduction of re-packing processes
  5. Assembly processes optimization
  6. Optimization of internal logistics


  • Lower Cost

An essential element to increase the competitiveness between enterprises is the reduction and control of costs. The packaging affects many stages of the supply chain: storage, supply, transportation, handling, shipping, packing processes ... therefore a suitable packaging solution allows you to reduce your costs.
We focus our packaging designs and development projects to help our customers reduce their costs. It is the basis and foundation of our packaging engineering and well evidenced by numerous cases and examples of cost savings in different areas of the supply chain:

  1. Handling and storage of incoming packaging
  2. Assembling
  3. Supplier specifications performance
  4. Cost saving workshops
  5. Supply chain optimization proposals
  6. Packing operations
  7. Transport operations
  8. Picking operations
  9. Inverse logistic operations
  10. Decrease of product damage


  • Risk Managed

In any new development it is vital to minimize risks and ensure that the new packaging will comply with the regulations on transport of dangerous materials, food contact, ergonomics ... and will behave as planned in its design.

Every day, we help our customers manage risk throughout the supply chain, analyzing in depth their needs and offering developments tested packaging and / or tested by external laboratories international solvency: ITENE, AIDIMA, AIMPLAS ...

We provide you our packaging engineering, our experience in multimaterial packaging design and our design centre and sales engineers to help minimizing your risks.

To learn how you can minimize risk through our packaging solutions, contact us or learn more about customers that we already help.