DS Smith Brand Logo: Tecnicarton


More than 25 years at your service, developing an important role in the packaging industry

Since Tecnicarton was born in 1989, it has been a company that has always stood out for being at the forefront of innovation in the packaging sector.

Throughout all these years we have been gaining experience and differentiating in multiple aspects, to offer our customers the best service.

  • We are a Global Company with a local service
  • We are commited to quality and the environment
  • We have the capacity and knowledge to choose the materials that best fit your needs from the beginning of the project
  • We have the most advanced 2D/ 3D design technology, prototyping and optimization tools
  • We design packages  based on total costs reduction to create more effective and profitable supply chains

We are part of DS Smith, where Tecnicarton is specialised offering complete solutions of industrial packaging designed in a multi-material and bespoke way for our clients.

For the development of our proyects we have a large team of packaging engineers, responsible for advising and monitoring each project, distributed in each of our 10 plants to offer a local and closer service, with complete availability for visits.


Their work begin on par with our customers, serving as packaging consultants and advising on possible solutions, materials and technologies to evaluate. The development of the packaging continues in our design centre, where the most advanced tools for design and prototiping are combined with a highly qualificated team.

Our objetive:

  • Better manufacturing processes
  • Using less material
  • Faster packaging assembly
  • Storage optimization
  • Transport optimization
  • More parts in the same space
  • Without looses by damage