DS Smith supports CELPA’s Mission 360 project, welcoming local students to its Viana Paper Mill

This Spring, in March and April, Viana Paper Mill welcomed more than one hundred local students to highlight the importance of the paper industry in achieving a circular economy.

As a member of CELPA - representing the largest Portuguese pulp, paper and packaging producers, DS Smith has an important role to play in the local economy. CELPA is working to increase public awareness about the importance of this industry with its latest project, Mission 360.

Mission 360 is an environmental awareness project aimed at children in primary education, their teachers, families and the local community. The mission team hope to educate students on the paper industry as an integral part of the circular economy, whilst also developing key skills to meet the challenges of 21st century society.

The school’s visits comprised of presentations, lessons and team challenges, followed by an in-depth tour of DS Smith’s Viana Paper Mill - one of the most important paper mills in Europe, recognized for its high-quality standards.

Mario Amaral, Mill Manager at DS Smith Viana Paper, said:

We’ve embraced this project as we recognise the value that sharing circular economy values has amongst the young community surrounding the mill. It was fantastic to see passionate young people engage with this project, as they’re the environmental ambassadors of the future.

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