Stylish, durable packaging that promotes sales

Lune Group Oy is a Finnish company that specialises in the development, production and sales of Lunette menstrual cups. Though based in Finland, their customer base is global.

The challenge: to create durable and ecological packaging that looks good

The challenge was to create packaging for the Lunette menstrual cup that looks good, is ecological and facilitates transport. The packaging also had to convey the high quality of the product.

Our solution: An adaptable solution for the shelf, on display and in transport

DS Smith designed both the packaging and a transportation solution for the packages which can double as a display stand in stores.

As the packaging had to reflect the high quality of the Lunette menstrual cups, the packaging was printed on both sides and the surfaces were finished with a matte varnish. The primary packaging includes a biodegradable window film which means that the product can be seen when inside the package, yet the packaging is hygienic and completely recyclable.

The corrugated cardboard packaging is durable, as is the transportation solution which can also be used as a display stand at the stores and it protects the products during transit and therefore reduces the amount of product loss.

The impressive-looking packaging tells the Lunette story which supports sales and the success of the company.

The result: Stylish, tempting, ecological and effective packaging

  • Stylish packages tempt buyers and share the story of the Lunette menstruation cups
  • The packets are easy and quick to put on display in their store ready display stands
  • The sales packages and the display stand protect the product and can be transported without any damage
  • The packaging is completely recyclable, as the corrugated cardboard is made of fiber and the window films are biodegradable, and this tells the customer that the manufacturer cares about the environment.