Pillar-optimize packaging performance

Optimise supply chain performance

Customised packaging solutions are driving innovation

As pharmaceutical packaging strategists, DS Smith works to exacting standards of quality and performance.

Today’s pharmaceutical market is an increasingly complex environment, which means industry players need to focus on optimisation. In the supply chain, improvements can be found throughout – during production and preparation of orders and in transport and shipping.

Examples of this in action include a focus on reducing materials at source,  palletisation, enhancing packaging for transport with track-and-trace systems.  The quality and performance of packaging is improving every day. DS Smith looks at more than the box.

Our vision is to deliver packaging that meets performance requirements with just the right amount of material – reducing packaging costs and product losses while guaranteeing packaging quality.

PACE (Performance, Assurance, Consistency, and Environment) forms the foundation of the DS Smith approach, with benefits including cost saving by material and reduced setup times as well as enhanced safety of products and maximised quantities during shipping.

Other ways DS Smith’s design and development teams bring tangible value include made-to-measure solutions such as rapid assembly monolithic construction, designs for in line automation and one touch replenishment.

DS Smith monitors the impact of strategic packaging decisions over time to ensure continuous improvement in the supply chain, pushing the boundaries on what’s possible.

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