Improve ergonomics

Help employees become more efficient, productive, and stay safe

DS Smith’s packaging and pack-line solutions for pharmaceutical products are devised to improve work station ergonomics for optimised efficiency on packing lines alongside practicality for the end user.

A major focus is to reduce the risk of work injury, in particular, TMS associated with the use of packaging in production or for order preparation.

DS Smith’s packaging systems represent a low cost and efficient solution for small or large scale production, helping save time and resources.

For smaller operations, as an example board packaging is a lightweight solution with simple assembly. On a larger scale, case packers automate pack forming through to sealing in one single machine.

To optimise packaging, partitions inserters, fillers or tray closers are made to measure solutions, while high-tempo machinery brings significant savings of time and resources to increase productivity.

DS Smith’s packaging strategists consider the whole supply chain when devising packaging solutions, driving innovation to improve efficiency and ease of use.

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