Pillar-Enhance safety

Enhance safety

Making use of the latest technology to ensure the highest standards are met

The importance of safety in the pharmaceutical industry is paramount, and when it comes to packaging strict standards must be met to ensure sensitive products are efficiently protected.

When developing our products, DS Smith focuses on quality, security and safety, making use of new technologies at every opportunity.

Our packaging provides effective protection against breakage and loss of products during transport. With a wide range of materials available, including those dedicated to heavy duty use, an appropriate solution can always be found.

DS Smith’s offering includes the latest developments in pharma, such as elevated hygiene, tamper-proofing and anti-counterfeiting as well as solutions for sensitive products and temperature-controlled products.

Sterile transportation

For products that require the highest hygiene requirements to be met, such as vials, tubes and syringes, plastic packaging is ideal. It is corrosion resistant so can withstand prolonged contact with pharmaceutical products. If corrugated packaging is the material of choice, sterilisation can be achieved effectively using gamma irradiation.

Humidity resistance

Contents can be protected from potentially damaging outside environmental factors using specialist materials, such as Kraft or Hydrokraft sheets. These mitigate the effects of changes in temperature and are resistant to humidity.

Temperature varation

DS Smith provides customisable temperature controlled solutions for highly sensitive contents such as vaccines or blood vials, thanks to adapted materials such as EPS and cooler system boxes.

Medical devices

DS Smith works with a varied team of specialists and designers to design and build a fully customised range of multi-material packaging for medical devices. Solutions include the use of foam and corrugated inserts to protect devices from the point of manufacture to the hospital or pharmacy where they will be used.

Other sensitive products

Sensitive products such as liquids are safely delivered using innovative packaging solutions such as bag-in-boxes and foam bottle packs.

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