Be sustainable

Reducing waste is an industry imperative

By focusing on delivering sustainable value to all of our stakeholders, DS Smith is building a better business at the same time as helping our Pharma & Medical partners be recognised as major industry players. 

DS Smith’s responsible approach towards the environment involves reducing waste and using recycled materials where possible. 

Significant waste reduction can be achieved with simpler, smarter packaging solutions. This is the foundation of our approach: PACE (Performance, Assurance, Consistency, and Environment). 

Using these four principles we create packaging with just the right amount of material, minimising waste and simplifying performance as well as ensuring constant checks are carried out during production. 

Reusing and recycling where possible also has dramatic effects on our clients’ carbon footprints.  

DS Smith’s recycled corrugated packaging is environmentally-friendly, easy to recycle and ensures efficient productivity during preparation of pharmaceutical orders. 

Plastic packaging made by DS Smith is designed to be reusable, reducing CO2 emissions from first use. Our plastic materials are also 100% recyclable with no VOC emissions during combustion. 

DS Smith as a supplier of sustainable packaging solutions can help businesses in the pharmaceutical & medical industry to meet ambitious environmental goals.  

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