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The pharmaceutical market is changing. Consumption patterns are shifting, new technologies and markets are emerging, expiry of patents means diversification among the major players, and regulations mean quality levels are increasing.

Not only are drugs sales on the rise, the demand for medical devices is also growing, as the general population becomes more aware of the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

With growth in the number of better informed patients, alongside an ageing population in many regions, comes an appetite for access to enhanced technologies and the latest products.

Responding to these challenges requires a tactical approach, not least when it comes to packaging.

The changing role of packaging

In today’s competitive environment, packaging has never been more important. It affects every step of the supply chain.

During the shipping and storage of drugs, the packaging challenge is to ensure quality and efficiency, balancing the safety and security of the contents with cost and environmental impact.

For medical devices too, effective packaging is what preserves the sterility and therefore usability of often high value goods, protecting the manufacturer from product recalls which could reach millions of euros.

Packaging also plays an important role in fighting the counterfeit drug trade and meeting sustainability goals.

DS Smith’s understanding and pre-empting of these new developments is the key to becoming a strategic partner for our diverse pharmaceutical & medical customers.

The DS Smith approach

DS Smith has deployed a specialised Pharmaceutical & Medical business unit with a team of strategists and a dedicated value proposition to offer a range of solutions all along the supply chain.

Our approach consists of identifying to the smallest detail the needs of the diverse players in the market – labs, medical equipment manufacturers, wholesalers and patients and meet their expectations with customized packaging solutions & services.

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