Packaging Management – Making your life easier

DS Smith works to improve the effectiveness of your packaging throughout your supply chain. We offer a full range of Packaging Consultancy, including site audits, written reports, pack specification and packaging database management.

How does it work?

Through our detailed understanding of packaging manufacture, multi material management and packing supply chains we optimise our clients packaging "tail".

We provide detailed feedback on all aspects of your packaging business, consulting on design, stock optimisation and packaging management.

We can source any packaging item from any global supplier, there are no boundaries, so we act as a "One Stop Shop" for all your packaging needs while you focus on what YOU do best.

In addition, our bespoke Packaging Data Management business systems can create tailored management reports to support your business processes. These reports can provide an overview of packaging consumptions across multiple sites and locations, allowing data to be interrogated at various levels. We use shared data environments to manage data with you and suppliers to improve information flows and speed up solutions. These activities result in total packaging supplier reductions and improved packaging designs and efficiencies.


  • You can focus on your core business
  • Packaging Consultancy from a packaging company
  • One direct supplier of all your packaging solutions.
  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Access to DS Smith Packaging  purchase packaging scale
  • Increased product data
  • Greater packaging specification control
  • Best packaging design solutions
  • A Packaging supplier that understands your business
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